Thursday, February 2, 2012

Abortion...first hand

With all this talk about Susan G. Koman pulling funds from Planned Parenthood for breast screeenings as a political statement against abortion. (they say that it is not a political statement but really get real) I felt the need to share this with you all that scream loudly and carry big sticks with your opinions that you really know nothing about.
   First off, personally, for me and mine abortion would not be a choice.
Tuesday's were VIP days where I worked some 30 plus years ago. The nurses were given a choice to work the VIP rooms or not. I chose to. Before I share that experience I will share the experience of working with the girls that chose not to have an abortion.
  One night there was a young girl coming in to have a baby. she came in at the last minute about to give birth, because she didn't know what labor pains were and we quickly attempted to prep her by that I mean shave her to get ready for delivery. At the time hospitals still shaved. I heard a scream from the prep girl and went into the room. The young girl had crabs (pubic lice) crawling all over her pubic area. We had no choice but to deliver the baby through a crab crawling pubic area. After delivery we treated her and the baby for the pubic lice and I sat down for a little chat with the mother. I said Honey did you realize you had the crabs? She said no but she knew she was itching. She did not know how you got them, what they were or where they came from. We had a little discussion about the boyfriend and lice. Nine months later that baby ended up in Neuro Intensice Care with a severe head injury and cigarette burns all over his little body. He was put on a ventilator because it was a court case and he died from the inside out slowly because legally in a court case at the time you can not d/c a ventilator on a court case.
  Another night after a long delivery on a 12 year old the nurses were giving report at shift change and the PP nurse ran into L&D screaming for me to go to the PP room of the young girl my patient that had delivered. When I walked into the room the baby was turning blue. I reached out and grabbed the baby and dug my fingers into the little ones mouth and dug out a mouthful of bacon and eggs. It seems the mother had decided to share her breakfast with the baby.
  One more, but I have hundred's. After the birth of one lady's fourth girl the husband of the lady came back to see her in L&D recovery. Of coarse this Daddy was not in delivery but in the waiting room. He proceeded to slap her across the face and tell her that she was no good because she couldn't give him a boy. Before I called security I can tell you that Big Daddy and I had a discussion on the sperm and the egg and the NO male sperm from his weeny was the culprit for the girls and the discussion was right up in his face, I can tell you that. I can only imagine what the girls Mommy included life was like when they got home.
   Back to Tuesday VIP day. The second trimester girls would come in and get induced they same way full term babies are induced. The girls were never given anything to knock them out and most witnessed the delivery of their baby. I can tell you that this experience was more horrible for them as it is to you that are reading this. The reason for waiting to second trimester in some cases I don't know, in others I do know. One in particular, the father of the baby was the young girl's father and by the time the girl got around to telling her mother it was the second trimester. She probably went back home the abortion hushed up and back to the same abuse.
    There were obviously more first trimester VIP's (which by the way means Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy). Most of the girls between 12-17. After every VIP,  the girls were given the pill with instruction on how to not get pregnant. Some of them returned over and over. One girl on her third I asked if she had gotten her free pills. She said yes and she didn't know how she got pregnant because she put one in her vagina every day but they kept falling out.
    I know some of you are laughing about the ignorance of people right now. Most of you have never seen the other world of people living in uneducated ignorance. A world where babies are fed eggs and bacon at six hours old. A world where 12 year old girls have their father's babies in toilets because they think they have a stomach ache. So you go on Susan G. Koman you go ahead and pull funds from Planned Parenthood. A place that teaches these girls how to take care of themselves and their babies.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gregg Allman -Savannah- Me

Top of the bucket list to see Gregg Allman Band play the bluesy bluesy music. I have seen ABB many times but never Gregg Allman's solo tour. I have to say I like him solo better in my old age because the music is more my taste. I have sent him my set list request haha not that my wants matter but this will be one hell of a show. Hometown shows are always packed with surprises as I hope this one to be. Have some fun listening to some GA songs. Top of the list Queen of Hearts  of coarse. Then how about some Evidence of Love and
Silence Ain't Golden Anymore and of coarse House of Blues as I can remember myself being "as fine as a Hardtail 49" years ago. HaHa! I'm ecstatic!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I found Siri

She is over in India in a cubicle. I asked her where she was and she said everywhere, which is kinda creepy. I have to say though she instantly misunderstands without the prompts push or say 1,2,3,4 or 5. She still doesn't understand my accent without me having to try real hard to speak like the overhead announcement lady at Hartsfield. And E-NUN-CI-ATE every syllable which makes me look pretty stupid. The Verizon man said she will come to recognize my voice but now I have a cold and she is confused.
   More on the phone is supposed to have this great camera but my pictures were coming out blue and blurry. I said what the heck! I googled the problem and found out I had the plastic film still over the lens. I can't say I like this phone over my old trusty Droid, because the Droid is more user friendly and you don't have to type in that Apple ID for every little thing that you do. I can just forget using my Goggle stuff on my phone too because it won't take my Google password even though I am absolutely positive the password is correct but this ole iphone says it ain't. I run over to my computer and check the password just to make sure....and it is correct. The YouTube ap therefore won't share to FB without the google password so I have to use Safari to go to Google then YouTube then search YouTube then share that way. The Droid just shared with one click. Same for pictures, on the Droid you took a picture and clicked the FB share. On this Iphone4s you take a picture, it goes in your photos and then you go to FB and upload the picture from your phone. I may be doing it all wrong....probably am...but I don't have time to figure it all out, nor the patience to, or can remember my Apple ID (which has to have a cap letter and a number and so many characters long blah blah blah.  And Siri can't understand me. Here is a fun link for those voices that Siri Can understand.

Friday, January 13, 2012


The snow this morning and this article in Garden and Gun reminded me of Athens in the winter around and about 1976 when it snowed and from far and wide you could hear the rumblings of the words "the meadow is open".  That meant Hunka called me to get my butt there for a trip to Cataloochee, NC to ski the meadow.
The meadow is only open evidently when there is enough real snow to ski. I have never seen this meadow but so I was told. I am a sit in the lodge and drink cocoa kind of gal and always have been. On this one particular trip pictured above we actually planned a trip to Cataloochee. We went with Dr. Chris of the same and his girlfriend (now his wife) and Dr. Bobo, now goes by one Bo, with his girlfriend now not his wife. On this planned trip we actually had snow gear and our own boots, Hunka and I, instead of scotchguarding our jeans and bunching cotton long underwear under the so called water resistant jeans. My ski bunny outfit made me look somewhat like a canary. Anyway, we headed  out on the highway Bobo driving his Dad's huge land yacht  ninety-eight and us behind in the 280Z. The ninety eight was packed with groceries and libations. Headed up the back roads from Athens we stopped at a light and sweet Dr. Chris jumped out to share the peach Schnapps they were enjoying in the ninety-eight and well, there was a state patrol man behind the Z which Dr. Chris did not see.  After the light started spinning around on the state patrol car, all the libations were poured onto the mountain ground. Sigh...We ended up, after stopping at the red dot store, at the cabin. The next morning it was off to the slopes, the icy slopes.  The ninety-eight had a hard time making it up the road to the resort on the ice even when we jumped out and all sat on the trunk for traction. A sight to behold all of us sitting on that trunk bouncing up and down while Dr. Bo (Bobo) gunned the gas. Seems the transmission died and Dr. Bo (Bobo) had to back that ninety eight  down the mountain road in neutral and tow it to the nearest garage while the rest of us went on to the resort. How we got there I don't remember.  Long story short, I was the only one that could not ski unless you call snow plowing skiing and the guys thought it would be real funny to stick me on the lift to the double diamond thing. The lot of them skied on past me after I jumped in a heap to the ground off the lift and were standing at the bottom of the run side splitting with laughter watching me slide on my belly strapped on skis flopping behind me all the way down. I personally didn't think it was that hilarious, to be honest.  That was the last time I have ever put on a pair of snow skis.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A humongous decision

I had a consultation with Dr. Chris Friday about "refurbishing the old in lieu of getting new". The thought is I need botox in the forehead, fat in the cheeks and lips and a phenol peel. Well, at least it does not mean anesthesia. I could have anesthesia but I would choose not. The process will put me inside for 10 days with a fan on my face, vinegar cooling things and antibiotic cream. After that scabbing up period I will be hell of a sunburn red for two to three months. But it will rid all wrinkle those smile lines, lip lines, marionette lines ( isn't that a cute word for wrinkles) and get rid of the puffy droopy lids upper and lower without a face lift. I know Dr. Chris won't make me look like I have had anything at all. I know you are envisioning Wanda now. "I will rock your world". Before all this can be done, I have to get an ok from the ahole Dr. from my blood clot to be off Aspirin for two weeks. That there may end the deal because I will probably never be able to get in touch with him again. I think he was glad to release me when he all but kicked my rear out the door. I also have to get an EKG release from my family Dr. that alone takes close to four months to get an appt. with her. But, the big but here I will have no wrinkles, no lines, no puffy eyelids and my skin will look like a baby's beehind with teeny tiny little pores. And it last 20 years! I read that after getting home. It was surprisingly reasonable in cost as well, at least cheaper than I thought. I can certainly take pain, but do I want to? It scares me a bit.
I am about the least vain human on earth. The whole thing kinda makes me feel stupid and selfish to be thinking about my looks. I'll let you know what I decide. Maybe I'll do a vlog of the whole process. If If If I do it..........

This is seven days after.....on second thought....I think I would scare the peeturkey out of Nat!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Blogs/Bad Blogs

A blog about bookshelves and shoes?

There are good blogs and there are bad blogs. Mostly bad ones. I get asked often about the blogs I read, I don't know why but I do. is my list for 2011 of the best ones and not listed but I will tell you about the bad ones too.

My first and foremost is

not only because she is a friend AND an actual writer but because she has good opinions, great pictures and an amazing life in Scotland. (sorry to use the word amazing, I hear it is one of yesterdays words, but hey I don't use it much because there are few things to me that are Amazing)

Mainly because Lucie is a love, love, love and she has this way of writing that brings peace to one's heart

How could I not mention

one...she is Fergie's friend in Scotland and two she started her blog to make fun of blogs like the above pictures and she took photos of her fashionable breakfast every morning. She is so funny and I learn Scottish words too. AND most importantly...she is a MacDonald. My Dad thinks every thing that is wrong with the world is due to the Campbells and everything that is wrong with the US is due to Cynthia McKinney. Now sadly her blog does not reflect her breakfast pictures because I think she got tired of counting. Two more days and she would have counted to 365

I did read numerous design blogs but I got tired of their free and not so free solicitations.

I could put this one in the bad blog category but it would be blasphemy to the Allman Brothers Band to do so. I do read but get tired of the rantings of Bless his heart..I guess I would rant too if I beat a set of drums for over forty years.

I love this writer because he writes about places that were never but oughta be

On to bad blogs....

I will not list but I will tell you about one in particular that well pisses me off because she is
copies other people's ideas and words
and therefore it can be assumed she has no thoughts of her own
and foremost
she has REALLY bad hair
and taste (except when she is copying other peoples taste but then again that wouldn't be her own taste now would it?