Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's have a Barn Wedding...THE MAGIC

courtesy East Main Photography

The vision...

From day one Kirby wanted a barn wedding. It was just what she wanted. We searched high and low for "the barn". Well let me tell you, barns are not easy to come by in and around Atlanta. At least barns that will allow weddings. One day, I think it was my daughter that found this barn on the East Main Photography website. They were also the photographers for the wedding. Andrew (my son), Kirby and I went to look at this barn at Chukkar Farm And Polo Club. The moment we walked through the barn this chicken crossed our path and I for one was delighted. I thought to myself this is a sign, this chicken welcoming us to this barn. We met with Cara. We loved her, always delightful and kind and helpful through the whole process of planning and answering our zillions of questions. And it was decided..Chukkar Farms it would be. We met with Pat Holland of Holland's Designs and Holland's Flowers and Gifts (whom I have worked with forever on different projects). There is one thing you can say about Pat....she creates MAGIC. She is quiet, reserved and thoughtful and never one to toot her own horn but she has an amazing bio here. Pat wanted Kirby to come up with a theme for the wedding. And beyond the country farm southern chic she wanted the wedding to have a theme of music. Music because that is the foundation of the first attraction and the love for and love of that Kirby and Andrew have for each other. It takes a vision to create a wedding in a barn. Kirby had that vision from the start. She knew what she wanted, exactly what she wanted. Here is the implementation of that vision.

the magic...
(more real pics to follow, these are from my camera right before the guest arrive)

Arbor of willow and hydrangea with moss covered window boxes of flowers

Guest book table
Gosh, I love BHLDN

Jars of lemonade to refresh guest before the wedding

Striped straws from BHLDN

Musical note pendants from BHLDN

Engagement pictures inserted randomly in an Etsy staff book used as the Guest book
100 ball jars with tea lights scattered on the hill leading up to the barn from the polo field

"Melodies bring memories that linger in my heart. The road leads back to you."
from  the original "Georgia On My Mind"

Chalk board signs leading guest
up the road to the tack barn for cocktail hour

Cocktail hour in the tack barn

Kirby's grandmothers' quilt on the back of the pew in the tack barn

65 paper lanterns and paper bags of Georgia peanuts placed on trays lined with sheet music randomly scattered on church pews in the tack barn

Peanut paper bags in coke crate

Burlap, burlap, burlap

Refurbished "goodwill" tea light lit chandelier with burlap fabric chain covers fill the ceiling

Sheet music torn out of my childhood music books burned on the edges

Mercury glass, hydrangeas and more moss

Buffet line covered in landscape jute

Menu written on antique windows behind buffet
OMG! does that say hotdogs! They were delicious

More Pat Magic

next up the wedding......